What Is A Bad Girl?

Some of us were born bad. Others learned the art.
A Bad Girl is always happy to help a good friend go bad.
A Bad Girl is never a good girl at heart,
Although she probably has a heart of gold
A Bad Girl says what she thinks,
But she thinks about what she says.
Being a Bad Girl doesn't mean being hateful.
Bad Girls don't make excuses.
We apologize instead, but only if we are sincere
Bad Girls are funny.
We can laugh at ourselves but we won't laugh at you
Even if you deserve it

Bad Girls are kind without being super sugar-coated
We are sweet but not sappy
Bad Girls believe in being feminine without the fluff
Bad Girls are a tolerant bunch,
As long as you don't expect them to tolerate anything
That insults their intelligence
And goes against their moral code.
Bad Girls have very high standards,
But they love you even if you sometimes fall short.

Bad Girls tell the truth
And expect you to do the same.
A Bad Girl stands up for what she knows to be right,
Whether or not her opinion is popular.
Bad Girls are independent. We are wise.
We are loving. We forgive. We are strong.
We speak our minds. We think. We grow. We feel.
And we're not afraid to be strong.
Most of all, Bad Girls are smart.... Very Smart

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