Interview with my Dad

My two oldest children had to write a report on Veterans who fought
in any America War. My children chose to interview my Dad
and this is that interview. I am very proud of my Dad.

Date of this interview: April 24, 2004

Dear Grandpa,

Patrick and I are doing report on veterans that have fought in any American war and we chose you.

Please answer the following questions. If you don't want to talk about a certain question, let us know. Please reply soon so we can type up the information. Reply before Sunday, the 25th.

Here are the questions:

Question #1
What kind of weapon did you carry?

Question #2
What kind of military service were you in ( army, navy, marines, etc.)?

Question #3
How did you join the military? Were you in a hated draft?

Question #4
What war were you in?

Question #5
Did you want to be in the military?

Question #6
Where were you stationed?

Question #7
Were you scared when you were fighting?

Question #8
How long were you there fighting?

Question #9
Did you make any friends while you were there?

Question #10
How long were you there?

Question #11
Was your drill sergeant nice to you? (hope so)

Question #12
What are all of the names of the medals you won?



Patrick & Jessica


Dear Grand Kids,

I have never talked about My experiences in the Marines.
I will make an exception for you.

I will try to answer each of your question so that it will be of help to you.

Answer #1
The kind of weapons that I used depended upon the situation I was in. If I was parachuting behind enemy lines , I would only carry a small pistol. If I was landing from a sub, I would carry a small rifle. If I was on the front line, I would try to find any type of automatic weapons I could get a hold of.

Answer #2
I was a proud member of the Marines.

Answer #3
I enlisted in the Marines.

Answer #4
I served in Korea, The Suez Canal conflict and a few more.

Answer #5
Yes, I wanted to be in the military.

Answer #6
I was never stationed very long in the USA. I served all over the world.

Answer #7
Anyone who has ever been in combat and says they were never scared is a big fat liar. Sometimes you did not have time to think about being scared, You just did your job.

Answer #8
I served three and one half years in Korea, One year in the Suez Canal mess and various other places that can't be talked about.

Answer #9
When serving in combat, it was best not to make close friends. If they didn't come back from a mission, it didn't seem to hurt as much.

Answer #10
I spent about six and one half years in the Marines, mostly in foreign countries.

Answer #11
My Drill Sergeant was very strict. If you did as you were told and kept your nose clean, you had very few problems.

Answer #12
Yes, I was awarded a few medals. I was awarded three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, a Silver Star, several Medals of Commendation, and I was given some French Medal that I can't spell or pronounce.

As I said, I have never discussed my Military with anyone before today and I may never discuss it again. I will let Kerry and Bush discuss war records.

I hope this will be helpful.

I love you,



Dear Grandpa,

Thank you for helping us with our report. We are glad you shared your story with us, since you have never told anybody else. We feel honored. We will probably make an A on our report about you. All 12 questions will help that grade be what we want it to be, maybe. We again thank you for your time and opening your story about your life in the Marines.

Patrick & Jessica


God Bless Our Troops

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