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This song was left in my jeep's tape deck by some friends when I was moving out of state for the first time. It meant a lot to me at the time. I hope that it brings you the same good fortune that it has brought me. Here is a small but meaningful tribute to you.

Bay Wolf

January 16, 2004

A Dell Institution has told me she is leaving, Can we have a presentation of leaving gifts for her.
For Dell-Suzanne I give this a copy of the tree she found the name for from my South Africa Travels
And thanks again Suzanne for all your help over the last few years.

Regards and best wishes for the future

Warrnen H. says goodbye.

Empty Space

Wolfin13 says goodbye.

Suzanne, it has been a pleasure to know you. Your intelligence, patience, thoughtfullness, kindness and humor have left a mark on this Forum that will remain even after you've left us.

DavidsMoods says goodbye.

Suzanne...that you survived the best of us and the worst of us is a testament to your patience and fortitude.  Best of luck to you in the future.  (maybe you'll have a little more time to do your handwork and knitting, etc.)

Huggies, Pat


Awwwwwwww, so sorry to hear you're leaving us but if you're going on to bigger and better things may God speed.  You possess the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon for putting up with us Loonies.  You'll have to come back and "play" with us sometime.


Hope to see ya `round!


I want to echo the sentiments of the others Suzanne and send my best wishes to you too. Thank you for putting up with us and the best of luck in whatever endeavor you tackle next.


Suzanne. Sorry to hear you are leaving us.
wishing you success and happiness for the future


Monday mornings will never be quite the same...



It's with great remorse , I haft to say bye.

"We" have seen many changes together. Suzanne, You are part of our Dell T@lk family of friends and always remember this: Once a D/T family friend, ALWAYS a family friend!  You are always welcome to drop in and say hi to your friends!!!

 Suzanne, You have been instrumental in bring about, a lot of good changes to the forum boards. To which, would of never happened, with out your help. You have always performed your duties with professionalism and with great regard to the users of these forums.

"We" thank you Suzanne, for your humor and unbelievable patience , putting up with "us" old kids and our inability to keep our fingers out of the coding and of course, least we forget, the very small spats us users have, trying to imitate like five year olds at times.*wink* 

As you go forth in your endeavors up the ladder, may you find the success you have bestowed upon us here.......{ may I call you Madam President ?*Grin*}

Best Wishes Suzanne.........Sincerely, Dennis the menaces, or the dude that thinks he's a cat LOL!!!!
Michigan cat

Hey Suzanne,

I haven't been around here long enough to get to know you. but I have the greatest respect for anyone who can deal with some of the goings-on  here.....and still maintain some semblance of sanity.

Best of luck in whatever (ad)venture awaits.


YA! What they said!
Good luck Suzzane!


It has indeed been a privilege and pleasure to know you through out the years here at Dell. You will be truly missed, best wishes for the future and may you never walk alone.


U take care Suz,...whatever future paths you choose! (don`t forget to stop in and say hello from time to time!)



Wishing you the best in all you do.

P.S. If you happen to see Tommy K. or Chris B. out there in the real world, tell them us old timers said Hi.


Good Luck, Suzanne!  Was nice to have you around and taking care of some of us crazy's.  I know it was hard for you at times, but you are a survivor, as most of us are to still be hanging in here.  May God Bless you in anything you choose for your future well being.

Stop back sometime and have some fun with us, you'll never wear out your welcome, guaranteed!


According to hooteye.


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