Miss those special threads where there is some friendly banter going on? Here, I will try to capture these threads so that we can remember them always. I hope that you enjoy these as much as I do.

List of Scratch Pad Threads
Date Posted
Battle of the Sexes - Started by Steve_S
August 27, 2003  
Male Vs. Female Shopping - Started by Steve_S
April 11, 2004
My old Black and White TV... - Started by joecapp
April 25, 2004  
Water Pail - Started by OTD
April 27, 2004
If a dog was the Teacher - Started by olderthandirt
May 5, 2004
Happy Birthday Steve!!!!!!!! - Started by mogultate
May 5, 2004 
Mother's Day - Three threads combined into one
May 9, 2004  
Trouble with e-mail - Started by joecapp
May 13, 2004
Pat (mogultate) is MIA - A collection of postings
May 27, 2004 
Memorial Day 2004 Tribute - Started by obxgal
 May 31, 2004